Even though cricket isn’t an Olympic sport I thought it was time to see if anyone was inspired to volunteer and help out at our wonderful cricket club. You don’t have to join the committee or be in charge of any projects, just 1 or 2 hours a week during the cricket season will be more than enough.

If you’re keen to help with the next generation of cricketers, we can pay for you to get your ECB coaching qualifications. If you want to help with the ground, we can pay for you to go on grounds keeping courses. I you want to help with fundraising and project planning, there are hundreds of grants to apply for.

Over the next year we are looking to re-lay the entire square and possibly level the outfield. We’ll be using outside contractors for the work, but we’d like to have a team of people to keep it in top condition for the years to come. A few extra people helping out will make a massive difference and everyone will benefit from your work. We’re not asking you to spend 3 hours preparing a wicket every week, just an hour or two every week or every other week. You don’t have to go on a course, but they are available if you want to go.

The other major project is the development of the colts and junior sections. This year we have been lucky enough to have Joe Pritchard running the colts section but he needs help next year as we’re looking to increase the numbers from 25 to 40. The colts and juniors sections are important to the club so we need more help. Just 2 hours a week during the summer school term is all we need. We already have funding for 3 coaching course places this winter with funding for 2 more places in the pipeline. If you would like to help out with the colts and get your ECB coaching qualifications then please let me know. If you’re not sure you can commit to the coaching course but would still like to help, please let me know as you don’t have to be a qualified coach. Just having someone around to sign the kids in and out would be a huge help.

That’s it, just 1 or 2 hours a week during the cricket season to help the club.


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