With the 1C East Division championship within our reach we set off for Wootton & Denton’s ground with plans being made for the post match celebrations. What greeted the team was less than impressive with a locked up ground, no wicket prepared and no oppo to be seen.

A few phone calls later and Wootton & Denton decided that it would be a good time to cancel the match. Thanks for that lads, we had nothing better to do than go for a drive in the countryside. With 20 points in the bag we were now Champions of the ‘Kent Regional Cricket League¬†–¬†1C – East’ !!!

With nothing left to do that afternoon the decision was made to head back to the Wood for a BBQ and a few refreshments. What followed was a fine display of catching practice involving the catch cradle, a very fast bowling machine, Dan and a cricket helmet. Click here to see Dan Rose taking on the bowling machine.This should not be repeated by anyone !

Once the bowling machine well and truely tamed at short range we decided to try out some training scenarios by cranking up the pace to 99mph and seeing who could take a catch off the slip cradle. Needless to say we all failed but had a laugh trying. After that we retired to the Saltwood Club for a few beers and Jaeger Bombs.

A huge thank-you to Dan Cowell for leading the team so well this season. Looking forward to the 2012 Regional League campaign.

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