sixMenFollowing hot on the heels of the 20/20 we have the annual Saltwood Six-A-Side competition. This years fiercely contested competition for the prestigious Partridge Pot, will take place on Bank Holiday Monday, August 30th (no surprises there). The day should start at around 10.30 or 11.00 (depending on how many teams are entered and the playing schedule) and I am aiming for every team to get at least three games.

Entry is £4 a head and there will be the usual barbecue etc to keep you well fed and watered. I shall also be running the ever popular runs sweepstake plus there may be some other surprises on the day. Please let Tristan know if you wish to enter a team. At this stage I only need to know the team name and the captain’s name but nothing else. You should all know the rules, (especially the one banning ringers…..take note The Mighty Mallards!) and if you don’t all will be explained on the day.

I look forward to your overwhelming and enthusiastic responses.

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